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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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of cooling before we hit our lows. your full forecast on the way. >> you better bundle if you're headed out the door this morning. taking a live look, city by the bay all lit up. it's january 1st, 2015. this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you and happy new year. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it is a cold start to our first day of the new year. christina has a look at those temperatures. >> yeah, it is frigid out there. if you parked outdoors, you want to give yourself some time to warm up your vehicle. plus in addition to those who have been out and about all night long, you could find some black ice out there, it's that cold, especially over local bridges and passes in the north
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bay. some of the coldest temperatures coming in, we're at 29 in woodside. and as we head throughout the morning, we're going to get a taste of the 20s because it's so crystal clear. a good sign the wind will continue to back off as we head throughout the days today. temps will be cool, though. you're going to need your jacket as you head out for shopping. maybe you'd like to do a little football outside with the family. 56 on the south bay, east shore at 55 and 56 degrees in wine country. weekend is just a couple days away if you're not already in it. we'll have that forecast including a little bit of a warming trend. plus spring returns. back to you, laura. >> new this morning two people
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are hospitalized and several others detained following a double shooting in san jose overnight. it happened outside a bar of capital expay. police tell us one person was no word and wender -- >> we have surveillance fod photos of a walmart on dior street. police say the man said after a woman suspected him. if you rk m a a suspect setting
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a car on fire tuesday night. right now they are trying to determine if he's linked to more than half a dozen other intentionally set fires in the past couple of days. so far the subject is only facing charges of potentially setting one of nine officially fires. it all started just before noon at the ever good fine foods in the bay view district. the pheiffer started going on for home some. >> joy love williams passed away over the summer and sthr
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testimony frm a bay area special olympian will be on a float in the rose boston parade today. she's been competing in the olympics for 25 years. however, she enjoyed swimming and bocci the most. after the trade, stick around for blackhawk hockey. by 5 clack p.m., stick around for bay area news. no 11:00 program today.
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>> in the first few minutes of 2015, the skies above new zealand filled with colors and cheers. a similar scene in australia where more than a million people gathered to watch 7 tons of fireworks set off. across ash there was an of the to showcase the city's bid to host the 2022 olympics. paris, the so-called city of lights, and thousands rang in the world's.
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>> a million people packed into times square to tack it on. a new year with new wishes across the globe. >> and many of us who had to get up early, well, we kind of rang in the new year probably a lot earlier than most. we went to bed, didn't we, christina. she joins us now with a look at the forecast, a cold start. >> we tried to go to bed and then those fireworks rang in. firefighter, gunshot. and the poor pets, keep an eye on your furry friends, it's going to be a chilly, chilly day. the north bay is where we're getting some of our chilliest temperatures this morning.
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you're at 31 in pet lumia and 44 in novato. city by the bay, typically we don't see temperatures this hill. look at pa trar row hill. this is just a really good experience of all the various microclimates within the stn citialone. if i take you town to that temperature has dropped like a rock. 34 in santa teresa, we're soon to be in the 20s down in morgan hill. today we're going to hit the 50s, temperatures will be chilly. you'll see here from the san francisco bay a picture, not as choppy on the bay. the wind has really relaxed. we had a crazy wind event earlier this week. everything's looking to feel nice and strong. by friday we'll be in the upper
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50s. saturday climbing above average in some cities. sunday looks good for your outdoor plans. monday will be the warmest and then temperatures will slowly fall as we bring the storm track back. talking about some rain, we'll focus in on this, tell you where you have the best chance of seeing this next week coming up in my next report. back to you, laura. >> thanks so much. starting tomorrow it will be easier for almeida county residents to drop off their senat senat senator. >> the improvements include keeping the hayward and livermore facilities open friday and saturday. san jose is banning styrofoam use across the city.
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the ban will affect about 500 businesses, including markets, food trucks and street vendors. the move puts san jose? a blat grocery stores will no lodger be allowed to provide free plastic bags. opponents of their ban say they've submitted nearly a million signatures in an effort to overturn it. the signatures were sent to the secretary of state's office to be verified. if enough signatures are there, the measure could be suspended. >> and san jose is raising its minimum wage from 10 .50 to
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10.74 an hour. they approved to raise the city's minimum wage to $s 17 an hour. >> the east bay teacher going above and beyond for his students. and look at that, one, two, three, you can count the cars out there. a rowdy start to probably a rally storm nbc bay area, we investigate.
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5:13 right now. taking a live look outside the iconic bay bridge. apple now facing a new lawsuit over its mobile operating system. the suit filed here in california claims apple did not tell customers how much of their iphone's memory would be needed to run the massive ios 8 operating system and it claims the company doesn't accurately explain the difference between total storage and actual storage space on its often. the two men filing the suit are seeking class action status. apple has not yet responded to the complaint. >> with the new year comes big changes with the way credit car companies protect your information. new technology will be put into the hands of consumers of this
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time next year. it generates a new code every time someone uses them. a lot of people probably still taking advantage of those first of the your ol gotd good. 5:15 now. whatever you have planned for today, i have to tell you, we are going to see some very interesting weather around the bay area. very cold to start and chilly, kimmy conditions later this afternoon. but we're going to lose the wind. that's probably something that's going to be a little out of the
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ordinary for you. we had a gold front come through here. it didn't give us any rain. that comes in morm. >> ewant to take you up north. we're at 28 degrees. you can see the difference between petaluma and santa rosa. and take you into the peninsula woo prn prp p toward the end of
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the week, i'm starting to see the, tensions really keep it's going to lose that atmospheric river tap by time no. back to you, laura. >> we still certainly need it. :season right now. we've all heard of stories of teachs are dipping into their on pockets to buy classroom supplies, but there's a music teacher in richmond has taken that idea to a whole new story. bay thomas has that story. you know what? we obviously couldn't hear garvin. we're going to work on that audio issue. it's 5:17 right now. the holiday gift that could actually hurt your marriage next.
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>> closed captioning sponsored by mancini sleep code.
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>> a.b. 1442 requires a school detective that gathers and maintains in its record information about student obtained through social media to limit that information to information that pertains directly to school or student safety. >> and coming in july, all smartphones in california will have a kill switch, allowing owners to make their phones useless in stolen. >> and 1845 forces drivers and vehicles to wear helmets. restaurants that choose to accept diners with their dogs will now be allowed under certain conditions. for one, they have to sit on the patio and dogs can not be walked through the restaurant to get there. and they have to stay on their leashes. kris sanchez, nbc bare area news.
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>> 5-check 24 right now were rattled awake this new year's wake by. >> turn out 2015 lab good work for anyone looking for work. career builders forecast its best employment outlook since 2006. it found more than one year of u.s. employers expect to add full-time staff positions. also finds cube decor is passe. >> not quite. >> to qualify you have to be a
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member alaska airlines traveling plan or being a mileage plane member of anyone saflg rng plus the very littest for the search on the missing air asia flight. we'll tell you what's making things difficult for crews next. and fwrrnl
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happy new year to you on this first day of 2015. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this is "today in the bay." >> and good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check on our forecast kr
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meteorologist christina loren. some people may be just getting home right now and some may be just getting up. >> let's deal with the cool. if you're going to be headed back next week, temperatures are going to be much warmer. we're only going to be dealing with these frigid withins nor the next couple of days. at san francisco you're at 28 degrees up in the north bay, 34 for novato, taking you down the peninsula, some rolled readings. he sew here's where we're headed as we head throughout the next would you mean of hours. he's it was will continue to drop. we'll till you how they will can go before we see many sun come oug
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ought. >> right now guns are drawn and officers are said to be looking for the shooter. it happening not far from orange memorial park. what do you know now, bob? >> good morning and happy new year to you, laura. we know swaus this in are the they're looking for the suspected who was involved in the shooting with an officer, earlier this morning at and 310.
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doesn't know if the officer okay. in personal if -- several blocks surrounded here looking for a suspect beyond hoar be. >> this believe they have this person surrounded in this area, by prp frch the thought is that the initial shooting everything took place and right after prks
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and then i would j. >> all right. be safe yourself. happy new year to you, bob. eng prch. >> pop are tie. as we mentioned earlier, several people have been detained. no word so far on the motive and victim of the 880. more bodies containing and then
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just sit back and recover. bat bad ones sfrchblt fnl the onslaught of stormy weather is slowing their of thes. investigators say it may be one week before the divers can recover the plane's one boxes. 162 people died when that plane went down on sunday. >> it is 5:34 and talk about, brrr, the forecast out there. it's a cold one. it's going to be chilly as we head through the next few hours. that typically happens right around sunrise so at 7-check 30
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this morning,s that when people a brp. >> 27 degrees at 3w7:30. and napa, livermore 29 degrees. even san francisco getting a taste of the upper 30s. this going to be right in the of. . in skb but you have to get to
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work? you know what? we know what that feels like. >> a lot of company out there. chp out in full force. don't put your lives at risk. >> we've all heard stories of teachers dipping into their on pd this. frm of sffrp he wanted to make a difference, no matter how much time or how much of his money tax sfwlrnl sflm it's something
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he's wanted to do his whole life. he's gone about it in a rouk about mad. >> tim was a bit of a trumpet prodigy growing up. his talent eventually finding a home for 20 years in the orchestra of the sanl fran opera where tim road to the rin pressure in his eyes had let law testimo testimonynot even picking up his trumpet until years later while trying to get certified as a
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music teacher. tim, not realizing how much he missed it until he had an audience. a woman who had wandered in to watch had. >> heard it go down didn't you? you have a good ear for knowing when it goes up and down. >> reporter: and it just what tame wanted to teach his students. how them to aalready prp 18
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free guitars to help them do it. that still want enough to take the instrument horses and resfrnl snrnl ♪ i don't know the word of
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adelee but i sure like listening to it ♪ n noeorganizi noeorganizing. >> all on a musician's pension and a middle school teacher's salary. >> that's the kind of advantage any nm nm. >> (oo 3 m. >> a downed tree so large, it's going to take two days to move.
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plus, the rose parade taling with some franc frock sflchbl sflchltd get double entries before 5:00 p.m. it's the holly jolly jeep beginaway.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> my name is john bruney. i want to wish everyone a happy holidays. say hello to my friends and family. >> i'd like to say hello to my family in san jose, california and my husband in west virginia. >> looked like it was a sunny day when that was shot. a dark start to our morning. waiting for the sun's arrival on this first day of 2015. it's certainly a cold start here and cross the bray wear, brou t
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brought. >> really thousands gathered along the embarcadero until early this morning. we have more on the celebrations from the water's edge. >> my family had to come out. they mostly don't come out but i was like let's go have fun. >> watch fireworks! get drunk and go upstairs and go to bed. >> happy new. >> being i -- chak heaney oak went by 2015. weep have a lot of challenges ahead of bus i think the economy is good, i love san francisco still. >> petty cab operator tyler is loving the crowd. >> everybody is asking for a ride in the middle of the season, which is our dead season, which is like heaven on
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earth for us. we make a good amount of money, fancy shoes. >> i already told him, let's get one! >> maybe after midnight. party goers are looking forward to a major being night and new year. >> well, i got a baby on the way that's something new. i got to change and do cinch d did. this morning more evidence of the strength of this week's wind storm. it was knocked down tuesday on beach road near god freed park
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in al me a mott it one man told us how close he was. >> a gust, that looked like a physical thing went down about 45 miles an hour. i almost lost my ford 150 over there but it missed it. crews. >> actually fcht but i can tell you, as we get into next week, that storm track returns, a cold zim p system is going to come through but not for too long. it has been brutal out there, especially for thos pets!
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oh my goodness, they do not like heading outdoors when it is this cold. coldest temperatures so far, sacramento nice and chilly this morning. if you're headed into the sacramento valley or south towards fresno, really, really cold conditions. there's actually a hard freeze watch in place for them. meanwhile we shall have our very first freeze warning of the season. we'll see temperatures subfreezing for the next few hours and everybody is under that warning, except for the mediate cote, in around the israeli 20 $ -- >> you can see storm track way to the north. it's going all the way into canada. we got this big rirch of high pressure. this is warm us up as we head
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throughout the next we day. >> then the storp trak returns for us at the end of next week. >> right now back to you. >> all right. just a few hours the rose parade will kick off in southern california. we go live to pasadena where there are nearly 1 million people waiting to watch the floats roll down the street. i hear it's pretty chilly there, vanessa. >> it is. we've been here since about 3:30 am. it's about as cold as pasadena
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has. >> just a 24-hour time coming up. it's very cold out here this morning. some people have been bringing in their portable heaters, stoves, anything they can get their hands on to stay warm. we have blankets, air mattresses to stay off the ground, sleeping bags, scarves, anything to keep them warm in the morning. it's about 40 floats participating with 18 vans and equestial units. >> thousands and hundreds and
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thousands of people here to witness this beautiful event. it's not only a southern california event. it has become known on an international level. pretty much that we've been speaking to this morning say it doesn't matter that it's cold, it doesn't matter they've been waiting here for almost 24 hours. this is the way they wanted to say hello to 2016. >> i understand everyone should see it live in person for at least once in l life. but it looks like people are pretty prepared out there, as you mentioned. >> this is my first parade. i'm a south florida native. i've been very impressed with how they've come out prepared. they have full kitchens and all kinds of traction to prepare
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food. >> they're smiling, they're telling us they're happy to be here. they really doesn't mind these temperatures. this is an experience they're willing to share with their families. people drove out here from places like alabama just because they wanted to be here here and share the experience with their young children. i have the prif. >> a bay area police officer shot to death in the line of duty. an image of chp officer kenyan young strong if the intheinit s
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her life. and claire dowling who received two lungs from a donor, this is what the donate for life plo this this and the rose parade starts at 8:00 a.m. it follows a one-hour "today" show. and the washington capitals will face off against the chicago blackhawks in the winter classic at 10:00. then at 5:00 p.m., you can watch nbc bay area news at 5:00. sharks even coach tom mclaughlin
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said he didn't know if he'd be back for the game sunday but he should be back soon. 1/and the surf contest will be hard are than ever to view this year. from now until the 31st the windows are open for the mavericks, a big wave surf contest. that's when and if the lives are organized most. after beaches and blood pressure ed the nfl has been angling to move two teams to los angeles as soon as next season. the raiders were brand eed about as one of those teams but the chances of any team filing an application are now believed to be slim to none.
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the hauf. i won a trophy, too. oh, i think i got one of those, too. >> what an accomplishment. >> they actually jingle. can you hear them there? >> that's floweder dire.
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>> ken: before i asked if he'd be interesting in coaching the 49ers. how are they going to find someone as good as harbaugh? the on place i'd see someone else is a about be you want to give yourself plenty of extra time to frost out pror srp. >>s are then the rain looks like it going to return toward the end of next week. we'll take at who are narnlt.
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she came out large and in charge, the baby arrived at the stroke of midnight. to the delight of her parents, they're smiling. mom is doing just fine. dad is looking like what just happened? they're still picking a name for that little girl but also be looking on the west. >> heems if that's not enough, they're also being from they say
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this man is responsible. >> we saw live pictures on the scene where a suspect is still on the loose. bob redell is also onscene getting the latest information. we'll drive him for a live report coming up next pb pb. >> well, yeah, pretty early.
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right now at 6:00, breaking news. officers with guns drawn surround a neighborhood on the peninsula. and shots fired near a san jose bar. two hurt as police search for the shooter. and as we usher in 2015, call starts enforcing new laws. we'll go over some of the important ones. >> happy new year to you at home. we are going to see a frigid and frosty start to 2015 with temperatures in the 20s this morning. we'll let you know how much longer this will last before we warmth you up and maybe bring in some rain. >> but first let's take a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. a few folks making their way across. what will you be doing this first day of 2015. how new year to you. this is


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